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Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries and Compensation

If you or a member of your family has suffered a head injury or serious brain damage as the result of an accident — you need experienced advocates who will aggressively represent you at every turn.

At Renda & Voynick, we provide exactly that kind of legal representation and help head injury victims to obtain justice and to recover the financial compensation they need to rebuild their lives. For a free consultation — call us at (973)200-6326 or contact us online.

Our lawyers focus on serious personal injury claims and have been certified in Civil Trial Law by the New Jersey Supreme Court since 1986 and 1987, respectively — a distinction held by fewer than five percent of attorneys statewide.

The Danger of Settling Head Injury Cases Too Quickly

It is a completely normal instinct to want to put the bad things that happen in life behind us as soon as possible. Serious personal injuries are no different. In fact, many people do just that and settle injury claims very soon after their accidents. With brain injuries, however, this is very risky thing to do.

The reason why is this: The human brain is an incredibly complex organ. It is protected by only a relatively thin layer of bone and fluid and thus, is highly susceptible to injury. The problem is that the effects of a head injury may not readily be apparent. In fact, it may be months or even years before the extent of the damage is truly known.

Our attorneys understand the medical issues associated with brain injuries and work closely with appropriate medical experts in developing a fair and accurate picture of what happened, how it has affected you and the amount of compensation that is required. In other words, we will not sell your claim short.

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Our firm handles traumatic head injury claims for people just like you throughout New Jersey. There’s no charge for the initial consultation. We only get paid if we secure a verdict or an acceptable settlement on your behalf.

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