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Injuries Resulting From Inadequate Security 2022-05-12T00:09:14+00:00

Injuries Resulting From Inadequate Security

Strong Legal Representation for Victims
of Negligent Security in New Jersey

Property owners and businesses do not have control over every possible danger and are not required to guarantee anyone’s safety. What they are required to do is take steps to prevent accidents that are “reasonably foreseeable” or, alternatively, to warn people of existing dangers that either cannot be fixed or have not been fixed. Proving these issues is an area of expertise with which Renda & Voynick is extremely familiar.

Unfortunately, many landlords and businesses don’t seem to understand this principle. Instead, they do things like let broken locks stay broken, cut security staff and refuse to light parking lots or stairwells adequately. These things, in turn, play a major role in many assaults. Assaults give rise to lawsuits and a potential lawsuit is probably what brought you here right now.

At Renda & Voynick, we have two very experienced, New Jersey Supreme Court Certified Civil Trial Attorneys, a deep commitment to providing our clients with individual attention and a long history of successful results in tough premises liability cases. For a free consultation about negligent security claims and your legal options — call us at (973) 890-1040 or take a moment to contact us online.

You have a right to be safe in your own home, regardless of whether the place you call “home” right now is a house, an apartment or a hotel room. If your landlord cares more about the monthly rent checks than they do your safety — and now you’ve been hurt because of it — put our experience to work for you.

By getting in touch with us as soon after the incident as possible, our lawyers can begin working right away to preserve critical evidence that supports your claim that the building was an unsafe property.

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Our firm handles cases involving negligent security and serious injuries in the Newark and Montclair areas, and throughout the New Jersey region. There’s no charge for the initial consultation. We only get paid if we secure a verdict or an acceptable settlement on your behalf.

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