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Work Site Accidents

Workplace and Construction
Accident Personal Injury Claims

In addition to claims for workers’ compensation benefits, many work site and construction accident victims will also have valid personal injury claims they can pursue against other parties who may have played a role in the accident.

For instance, if a scaffold collapsed and as a result you suffered a serious injury — you could potentially have claims against the scaffold manufacturer, against the contractor or subcontractor that erected the scaffold or even against your own employer in some circumstances.

At Renda & Voynick, we’ll listen to you tell us what happened and provide you with an honest assessment of your legal rights and options for pursuing claims against third parties. If you do have a personal injury claim and decide that you would like to have us represent you — we’ll start acting to protect your interests immediately and will aggressively protect your rights at every turn.

It doesn’t matter whether you were injured in an office setting or on a construction site — if an accident on the job has left you struggling with serious injuries, our lawyers can help. Call our New Jersey law offices directly at (973)200-6326 or contact us online for a free consultation.

Personal Attention and an Experienced Certified Civil Trial Attorney are the Hallmarks of Our Law Firm

We made the decision to remain a small firm a long time ago. We feel it allows us to provide our clients with the level of personal attention, attorney-client interaction and responsive service they deserve. It also gives us time to help people with many of the non-legal issues that often come up after a serious accident.

What our decision also means is that you will never have to wonder about who is representing you, or which junior associate will be doing the work on your case or whether they know what they’re doing at all. Here, there are only two attorneys — both of whom are experienced litigators with outstanding reputations and track records of results.

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Our firm handles workplace and construction accident personal injury claims in the Newark and Montclair areas, and throughout the New Jersey region. There’s no charge for the initial consultation. We only get paid if we secure a verdict or an acceptable settlement on your behalf.

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